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We are Gumstix verified Consultants.

We are approved ST Design Consultants.

We usually quote “Fixed Price” for a contract, but we can quote “Time and Materials” if requested. For some very special strategic cases we may even take equity in lieu of some or all of our fees.

Welcome to Orlin Technology
Orlin Technology is a flexible partner for customers needing to outsource Electronic Design projects. Founded in 1999 by industry veterans, we have customers Worldwide, including USA, Canada, U.K., Ireland, and Italy. Orlin can provide all phases of the development cycle, from design specification to product delivery. We take pride in our flexibility which allows us to provide just what you need, when you need it.

We use the latest technology together with our industry awareness to design electronic products and systems which give you both technological and competitive advantage. Some of our customers are very technology-aware and can therefore specify a project very comprehensively, while others have innovative ideas and entrust us with their implementation.

We have expertise in the following areas, among others:

  • Embedded Microprocessor Systems (especially ARM and X-Scale systems).
  • High Speed Busses: PCI, PCIe, PCI-X, DDR-II, etc.
  • Networking: Ethernet, Network Processors (especially Intel IXP series)
  • Communications: Bluetooth, GPS, GSM.
  • Power Systems: Low Power Design and Design for Portability.
  • FPGA Design.

See our Capabilities page for full details.

We are not inexpensive, but we have a proven track record and unlike some of our low-cost competition who "cut and run", we will be around when you need further products designed or upgraded, etc. We intend that all our business relationships become long-term ones.

No matter what stage your project is at, be it just an idea or a well-advanced design, feel free to contact us to see what we can offer. If your project does not fit with our in-house skill-sets and experience we will tell you so.

See our Contacts page for full details.

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